03-07 5BLADE 60/60 HE351CW




This is a drop-in replacement for 2003-2007 5.9

Whether you are looking to replace your old worn-out stock turbo with a simple bolt on upgrade, sneak past your friends with a little ‘something’ under the hood that is not noticeable or be the king in the stock appearing classes, this unit is perfect for you! Utilizing our popular and proven 5blade mafia™ aero package, along with the upgraded 10 blade turbine wheel this turbo is bound to make power with great usability! This unit is best suited for stock/mild trucks towing heavy and often.

Drop-in replacement
Stock like drivability
Lower EGT’s
5blade mafia™ technology
Rated at 525+/- hp with a peak operating range of 40-45lbs